VC Talent Program


Co-organised by Penjana Kapital and Sunway iLabs, KapitalX is a venture capital talent development programme designed by venture capitalists that equip participants with a detailed overview of the VC ecosystem with real-time practical application and networking opportunities.

Here are some of the reasons why you should join KapitalX:

  • Access to content that seasoned venture capitalists curate
  • Hands-on learning from the global venture capitalists as you work on real deals
  • Expand your global network in the venture capital ecosystem
  • Shadow and learn from an investment analyst from a range of global venture capital firms to learn day-to-day tasks.

Who should join this programme:

  • University students in their final/penultimate year
  • Working professionals with less than three years of experience
  • Entrepreneurs or early-stage startup employees


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KapitalX - VC Talent Program