Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Dana Penjana Nasional ("DPN") Overview

1) What is the objective of Dana Penjana Nasional initiative?

Dana Penjana Nasional aims to enable economic recovery and enhance the growth of the nation’s post-Covid-19 pandemic by spurring the private capital market. In the medium- to long-term, this initiative is expected to catalyse our private capital market by championing the growth of local private capital players. A vibrant private capital market will benefit a start-up ecosystem.

2) Who are the beneficiaries of Dana Penjana Nasional initiative?
3) What are the benefits of having foreign capital participation as part of this initiative?
4) How will the Government’s RM600-million funding be operationalised and managed?
5) Will a local VC firm be required to partner with a foreign party?
6) Talent/knowledge transfer program
7) Will Penjana Kapital be involved in managing the funds?
8) Definition and the differences between the specific funds under Dana Penjana in the venture capital value chain

Investment Parameters

9) Local companies that are eligible to be invested by the funds?

To ensure that Malaysian businesses will be the ultimate beneficiary of the initiative, all Dana Penjana funds are required to invest a substantive portion of the fund’s committed capital into Malaysian-owned and Malaysian-based businesses.

10) What are the sectors focus of the funds?
11) What are the commercial terms of the fund?
12) Can the same foreign venture capital firm invest in multiple funds under Dana Penjana Nasional?
13) What is the funding period of the funds under Dana Penjana Nasional?
14) What is Dana Penjana’s exit strategy?
15) Can the amount of fund invested by venture capitals be more than the proposed fund size?
16) Fund disbursement method and timeline
17) Intellectual Property requirements and ownership
18) How are the arrangements between the foreign and local venture capital firms structured?
19) Awarded Funds (as of 15 December 2020)